Wireless LED Up Lighting!

We offer the latest  in Battery powered Wireless LED uplighting with over 16 million colors to choose from including pastels, LED uplighting has been one of our biggest requests from our clients for  last few years. Use of LED uplights has major advantages for you and your guests.

  • LED uplighs are free of toxic chemicals, unlike fluorescent fixtures
  • LED uplighting are extremely durable
  • Flexible to allow for more design ideas
  • LED uplights are operational at all temperature levels
  • Better and more accurate light disbursement
  • True Colors to match your wedding or special event colors
  • perates at cooler temperatures, will not burn when touched
  • No color shadowing


Monogram projection is a elegant touch for any sophisticated event. The first thing your guests will notice when they enter the room is your name/company logo, beautifully inscribed with light. All In One Entertainment will help you design a customized monogram according to your specifications that will be projected on the walls, ceiling or dance floor of your venue. If you already have a monogram created, we can utilize it to personalize your event in a beautiful and distinctive way.

Company and brand logo projections are also available and are a “must-have” for an elegant corporate party or gathering


LED Glow Table

Adding lighting is one step you want to consider to enhance the appearance and mood of your event, from conventional halogen lights that produce warm glow with a beautiful shimmering effect to an almost infinite color palette of LED lighting. All In One Entertainment is able to enhance the beauty of your event design and transform any space into a unique and flattering environment.

Not only is lighting visually captivating,  it also can be relatively affordable, let us show you how we use lighting to capture the essence of your event. Give us a call today 909-203-8711 or request a quote online to find out about our affordable lighting packages.